Bedroom Around A Theme

Bedroom Around A Theme

24-06-2016 | By:

Themed homes have always been in style, and with good reason. A well-designed home reflects your personality, your aspirations and your experiences in life. Some people cover walls with pictures of their loved ones, others use their certificates and showcase their achievements. Some people like to keep it minimal.
By far the only room in the house that is the epitome of peace and tranquillity is the bedroom. Some of us guard it like a safe space, only stepping in when it is time to sleep. Isn’t it only right then that we should dress up this space in a way that is truly our own. Here, we suggest some themes you can try.

1.    The Minimal Bedroom With A Difference: There’s something extremely charming about a bedroom that is spacious and has no one point of focus in it. If you have a balcony in the bedroom, install sliding doors that also serve as windows. The rest of the room can be pained in white, with a contrasting colour for the wall-embedded wardrobes. Let the bed and its accessories be the only pieces of furniture in the room.
Where’s the difference bit, you ask? Take one family photograph that is very close to your heart (preferably in a high resolution). Take it to your printer and ask them to print it in parts, on the largest sheets they have. Bring the sheets home and stick them to a bare wall so it all forms a picture together!

2.    The Antique Bedroom: If you have a lot of family heirlooms, you’re all set to turn your bedroom into an antique paradise. For the walls, choose an earthy colour, like a light shade of brown. Invest in a four poster bed that has some carvings on it, as well as a chest of drawers for storage. Remodel the handles with huge, brass knockers. If you have an antique trunk, use it both as storage and for visual appeal. On tables and benches, display idols and artefacts from the past. The key with this theme is to keep it simple.

3.    The Co-sleeping Room: If you have had a baby recently, you know the travails of storing all that new stuff! The bedroom suddenly starts to look like storage- with diapers, bottles and baby clothes strewn around. When buying a crib, look for models that come with some semblance of storage- they exist. Instead of doing a complete overhaul, attach the crib to your bed so you won’t have to worry about new furniture at this point. Invest in a cabinet to store everything else. Try and ease the clutter in the room by disposing of everything you don’t need.

4.    The Kids’ Room: Even for children, a quiet, cosy bedroom is very important for a good night’s sleep. While as parents, we may be tempted to buy theme based everything, the end result can be too overwhelming. The best thing to do is choose long lasting furniture and fixtures in plain designs so they don’t get bored too soon. The rest of the area can include a play nook, a study table and space for them to express themselves.
As always, there are so many ways to do up a bedroom based on your preferences. We usually find that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!