Shapes do matter

Shapes do matter

24-06-2016 | By:

Think through each part of your home- is there any space that you can categorize as not being useful? Even places like storage and utility serve the purpose of keeping the rest of the house clean and organized. It is, therefore, so important to design your kitchen well. We cook three, sometimes four meals a day here. We do all the prep-work for cooking here. We often store everything we need in the kitchen- from spices and masalas to fresh fruits and vegetables, right here. Thinking of what kitchen design suits your lifestyle best and building around that will save you from a world of pain later!

1.    The Straight Kitchen: This one is best suited for smaller kitchens. If you have a pre-built house, you may find that vary little space has been left for a kitchen, forcing you to improvise. A straight kitchen essentially has a platform with storage above and below it. Most importantly, it occupies the least amount of space.

2.    The L-Shaped Kitchen: This kitchen design is a multifaceted one for sure. You can use the extra space provided by the perpendicular platform to either have breakfast, or to store cooked food for easy access. This extra space also means added storage at the bottom.

3.    The Parallel Kitchen: For those who love being organized, there is no better choice than a parallel kitchen, with each platform serving a different purpose. Both sides can accommodate storage, so if you use one platform for cooking and another for preparation, you can store the relevant vessels, tools and appliances on that side. Add a bit of storage at the top and it is easy to see why so many professional kitchens in restaurants are designed this way!

4.    The U-Shaped Kitchen: This is for people who enjoy oodles and oodles of space. A kitchen with a platform on three sides is just every cook’s dream. Choose what you want to use each space for, maybe even convert one side into a breakfast bay. Storage accompanying all these sides means you never have to worry about where to keep ‘that thing’ anymore.

5.    Island Kitchen: Island kitchens are the most sophisticated design in the market right now and also very much in demand. An island kitchen allows you to push storage and basic functionality to one side, while a multipurpose platform in between serves as a place to both cook and eat. What’s more, this design makes the kitchen look fuller, so is ideal for larger spaces.
Whichever design you choose to go with, there are so many customizations in size, shape and colour available. The key is to choose a design that complements your space, in colours that warm your heart each day!