Your Home Reflects Your Personality

Your Home Reflects Your Personality

25-05-2016 | By:

There’s no dearth of design ideas in the market, so we wanted to give you something truly different. While colour combinations, what should go where and better ventilation have been spoken about sufficiently, how about ideas to turn your home into a truly personalized space? Whether it is movies you enjoy or books, whether you’ve travelled extensively or are into DIY, there’s a way to make your home reflect these interests of yours while also giving you some much needed inspiration to keep pursuing these interests. Here are a few ideas.

1. For The Movie Lover: Who doesn’t love movies? But there’s this bunch of people who love visual art to the point of watching a film in any language and genre as long as it is good. If you’re one of these people, you can have a wall dedicated to posters of your favourite movies and series in your living room. There are some posters, such as these ones for The Shining, that truly stand out as being unique. Even better if you can use framed memorabilia to decorate around your wall mount TV. Some of these ideas can be adapted to your love for travel too. Bring home sketches or photographs from each destination you visit and put them up on a prominent wall.

2. For The Book Lover: Book lovers need nothing more than a comfy couch, a huge shelf of books and easy access to the kitchen. Once they lose themselves in books, there’s usually no time to eat! For such people, a whimsical bookshelf in the living room is a great idea. You can design your reading nook based on a theme- plop some cushions on the floor and add a natural looking lamp, or use pieces of furniture lying around and decorate with fairy lights. If you love lazing around, a recliner next to the bookshelf could be a slice of heaven. What’s more, if you do this in a quiet place, you may find your guests secretly developing a newfound interest in books!

3. For the DIY Fanatic: Some people love doing up their homes in their own creations, and they’re actually good at it. Why spend on extravagant frames and lighting when you can make them yourself right? Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas for you. Here is a board we love on ideas for your own pad, as well as some for a rented space. Try and invest in functional furniture, like a wall mounted workbench that can be folded away, or a chest of drawers to store all your supplies.

4. For The Nature Lover: The nature lover is starkly aware of how quickly our green cover is depleting. If they could, they would bring all the plants in the world home! If you’re one of them, consider using a combination of indoor and outdoor plants, coupled with a few hanging pots around the house. An indoor hanging plant could be a good focal point. Your balcony garden could be adorned with floral plants that just lift up the space. You can aslo consider options like a vertical garden or a hanging herb garden. Remember to keep the furniture natural too- cane and bamboo would work well.

So these are a few broad ideas for you! If you have more specific interests, you can consider doing something unique around them, or write to us and we can brainstorm together.