Core Team

Mahesh Shah
Co-Founder & CEO

Mahesh is one of the pioneers and gurus of the modular furniture industry and founder of widely known brand Elenza. With over seventeen years of experience in sourcing, manufacturing and retail, Mahesh is on the forefront of revolutionizing and innovating the landscape of modular furniture industry in India.

Mahesh started off with a modular kitchen showroom in the year 1999 in Bangalore and went on to become one of the top five manufacturers of modular furniture in the country. All this in less than a decade. Mahesh’s Elenza boasts of serving modular furniture needs of more than 2000 houses per year countrywide. Coming from a Gujrati business family, Mahesh has been injected with many business ethics since childhood, customer obsession being one of the prime ones. He is behind WelFurn’s infinite sourcing know-how and the engine that pulls it. His enormous experience in the field has enabled him with a keen eye to offer path breaking technology driven solutions, which will change customer experience significantly. His intention is to establish WelFurn as an online space by bringing Interior Designers, Home Interior Studios and Professionals on a single platform which would result into a seamless experience for the customer.

His rebellious looks may be deceptive but he is quite traditional and forthright when it comes to business ethics.

Mahesh can be reached on

Nilay Karambelkar

Nilay brings 20 years of experience as a specialist in retail, project and channel sales along with technology. He offers a highly valued combination of strategic planning, personnel training and mentoring.  Starting at the grass root level has exposed him with possibilities as well as challenges of the modular furniture Industry in India. He balances his global vision with a deep sensitivity for local context and culture. His stint with a technology company, and later e-commerce start-ups like HomeLane and Mebelkart, has given him insights about the elementary hurdles customized furniture industry faces online and offline in terms of logistics. His aim is to form WelFurn as an innovative modular furniture e-commerce company, offering highly coveted products and experiences at competitive prices.

An avid reader, movie lover and passionate writer and singer, Nilay loves and cherishes the process of creation from nothing and that’s what he intends to do at WelFurn.

Nilay can be reached on

Jaisimha Sathyanarayana

Jaisimha is the CTO of Welfurn. We fall back on him for any technological challenges. A Mechanical Engineer by education, Jaisimha has over 25 years of experience in engineering automation solutions. He has developed and executed a variety of solutions on top of CAD platforms particularly with AutoCAD. He has pioneered many CAD solutions for various engineering industries. He has been driving the development team at DeltaCADD Solutions.

His in-depth knowledge on all the aspects of project execution, use of technology to ensure error free processes and scalability makes him the right man to lead Welfurn’s technology front. Jaisimha is also one of the four pillars of DeltaCADD solutions. DeltaCADD Solutions is a 20 years old software development company based in Bangalore. They are an ADN partner with Autodesk since the last 20 years and have to their credit many unique solutions to a variety of engineering fields on Autodesk Technologies.

Jaisimha, Keerthi Bhanu, Raghunath and Manoj Kumar who form the DeltaCADD core team, bring in an in-depth knowledge of implementing software solutions and have single handedly driven implementations across an array of multi cultured organizations like GE, Schneider and Godrej. Some of their products and solutions to the furniture industry have been running successfully since more than a decade.

When he is not with his tech team he is either found in the jungle shooting wild life with his Nikon, or buried deep in his reader’s nook.

Dhruv Shah
Senior Manager (Sales)

Dhruv is a natural leader. He leads Welfurn's sales. Assisting customers during their decision making process is Dhruv's forte. Coming from a business family background he inherited the basics. He has the natural ability and entrepreneurship to own up large assignments involving high risks. Since his initial days, this commerce graduate from Jain Group of Institutions in Bangalore, always enjoyed functional freedom and eventually made the most of it.

Dhruv's two years tenure with Elenza extensively trained him into the domain of modular interiors and panel based furniture. He then delved into entrepreneurship and co-founded an interior design house which is being run successfully by his family. His thirst for bigger challenges and his functional chemistry with Welfurn's founder team made him an automatic choice to lead sales.

Dhruv can be reached on

Pratik Shah
Senior Manager (Design Support)

An Interior Designer and an MBA (Marketing) by education and an entrepreneur by passion Pratik is Senior Manager (Design Support) at Welfurn. He also boasts a rich retail experience of fourteen years and has handled projects in Bangalore and Mumbai. He has been a professional since he was sixteen and has completed his education while working. So understanding customers’ needs and delivering accordingly comes naturally to him. At Welfurn he handles the extremely important aspect of product configuration and design support.


When he is not on his drawing board he dreams of travelling the world.

Pratik can be reached on