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Creating fabulous, functional homes is not easy and for this we need a team. People who are as committed as we are to provide never before experience to our customers, when they think of doing up their home.You can join our team as Design Partner/Studio Partner/Sourcing Partner to help us implement innovative, cost-effective solutions to interior design problems. 

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    When you partner with us, you'll always be on the forefront, as we continue to develop the latest technologies and delivery systems that set new standards for the industry
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Do you customize the kitchen as per the dimensions of my house?

Yes, we can customize the kitchen as per the dimensions of your house. Please leave your details in the form  (click on 'Talk to our designers') and our Home Interiors expert will reach out to you. We will provide 3D designs for you to visualize before finalizing.

What is Welfurn?

Wefurn endeavours to address the Home Interior solutions market by selling design services and products such as Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Beds, Entertainment Units and other cabinetry based units. We are in the continuous process of creating an eco-system of designers, design studios, manufacturers and installers. We have also developed technology to bring them all on to a centralised platform so as to serve our customers efficiently. Our website hosts many designs to help you ideate and discover our product range. It also acts like a first touch point between our customers and us.

Do you offer free designs?

Yes we do. You could click on ‘Book Consultation’ button on our site and share your contact details with us. One of our designers will contact you to get your floor plans and other requirements. The designs and estimates will be shared with you in 48-72 hours depending on the size of your projects.

Can I buy individual modules?

Sure. You could ask our designer and she will do the rest.

Is the stuff waterproof?

A lot of our offerings are made of wood based engineered material like plywood, mdf and partical board etc. They offer different degrees of resistance to water. We use is Boiling Water Resistant IS710 grade plywood which offers highest amount of water resistance. The other two materials offer much lesser resistance to water. However we take extra care to not keep any of the surfaces exposed. While the surfaces are covered with laminate, pvc foil, paint, acrylic and glass finishes, the edges are usually covered with pvc edge band.

What is Carcass or Cabinet?

Carcass or Cabinet is the basic structure made usually of two side walls, a top member, a bottom member and a back member. The term cabinet or carcass does not include shutter as they may be made of different material and finish than cabinets.

How many times you will allow changing the designs?

Until an order is placed by you we would be happy to offer as much iteration as you like. However once an order is finalised with all its specifications the designs cannot be modified.

Where are your experience studios?

To know the latest locations of our experience studios please click here. You could visit whichever is conveniently approachable to you. To be able to serve you better we would request you to notify us about the date and time you would be visiting. We will arrange for a designer to attend to you.

What does ‘Modular’ mean?

To create designs in the most effective way possible we have created an exhaustive library of standard modules for kitchens, wardrobes and all other cabinetry. These modules are thoughtfully designed considering their utility. Our designers use a catalogue of these modules to design your home. Modularity simplifies the process of designing, manufacturing and installation. In simple words Modular refers to a construction which is made of modules of different sizes and specifications.

How do you do the pricing?

To give you a ballpark idea about pricing we have many pre-designed products displayed on our website. Some of them may match your requirement approximately. But to approach pricing systematically, we begin by creating a tentative design based on your floor plan and your requirements shared by you with our designer. Based on that, our designer creates a few options on our design platform called Wishboard. Wishboard is an AutoCAD plug-in developed by us which houses our complete product catalogue including prices and related logics. Hence there is no separate method of pricing. It is always calculated by Wishboard based on the designs. If the designs are altered by you price also alters accordingly. However the final design is achieved only after actual site is measured. We take the site measurement once you place an order with us. Price could vary @10-15% when the actual site is measured as the measurements may differ from the floor plan shared by you.